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Getting into #GamesUR

At Player Research we’re often asked “how can I get started in games user research?” – so we wrote a blog post to help!

Games user research is a hugely exciting and dynamic domain the the games industry, working to apply our deep understanding of player psychology to the process of video game development.

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Player Research Games of the Year 2016


2016 has been a big year for Player Research. This is a run down of the games we’ve enjoyed playing most during the year.

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Spoiled for choice: The psychology of choice overload in games, and how to avoid it

TL;DR version:

  • Too much choice can lead to dissatisfaction with or avoidance of choices
  • Excessive choice should be particularly avoided with game and genre newcomers
  • Choice overload seems to start kicking in when there are more than 7 options to pick from
  • Experienced players may not suffer from choice overload, and having more choice could even be beneficial for them
  • Avoid choice overload by reducing the options available, or by otherwise easing the decision making process for newcomers
  • Dividing options into categories can also help improve choice satisfaction among players unfamiliar with the choice domain

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