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Player Research are a video games playtesting company based in Brighton, UK. We invite players to give feedback on unreleased and unfinished video games – we pay you to play games and give your opinion!

Player Research have dedicated commercial offices and playrooms in Brighton (UK). Typically, playtests are held on weekdays and weekends at our playrooms, but we might also ask to visit you at home, if the title we’re working on calls for it. Please note that you must be within travelling distance of the Brighton & Hove area to sign up and take part.

Games take a long time to make (sometimes years!), so game developers need feedback on how they are doing, and what could be better. Player Research ask players like you to try unfinished, unreleased games in order to ask for your feedback. You don’t need to be a pro gamer, or even a regular gamer – everyone’s opinion is valued and taken into account. Typically, players attend our playrooms in Hove, play a game for 45 minutes, then share their thoughts with one of our team – easy peasy!

Yes and yes! Please complete the sign up for for each child individually. All of our our staff are DBS (formerly CRB) checked and parents are welcome to attend sessions. We’re very used to dealing with shy children, and those with additional accessibility requirements. Please make us aware of any specific needs your child has when applying to the individual sessions, so we can be super-prepared to make their session as comfortable and enjoyable as we can.

You’ll get the opportunity to play unreleased games before anyone else – and you will also get paid for your time! Our typical pay for an hour session is £30, and we also run all-day playtests for longer games.

Yes, we need all types of people to play for us! We’ve invited players from 5 years old to over 100! Every playtest is different and usually requires specific people, so ensure you read those invitation emails carefully to see if you match our requirements. We usually have a 50/50 split of boys and girls, so we want everyone, friends, mums, fathers, brothers, sisters,  grannies,  grandpas , and anyone else – gamer or non-gamer!

You can sign up to our emails by clicking one of the links below and completing our signup form. We send you an email when we have playtests coming soon that you might be interested in, and you reply if you’re available – simple!

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- If you’d like to sign up and you’re over sixteen years old

- If you’re a parent/guardian with a child under sixteen

We never share your details with anyone else, and you’re free to un-subscribe from our database at any time.

No, not at all. Sessions are one-offs, usually an hour or so – although this can vary. We don’t have full-time testers of any kind.

Choose from the options below for the relevant sign up form:

- If you’d like to sign up and you’re over sixteen years old

- If you’re a parent/guardian with a child under sixteen

You can always  email us via the link at the bottom of the page.