Player Research are hiring Games User Researchers in the UK. Help make games better through playtesting and research with players.

Questions about these position can be directed to us via hiring@playerresearch.com, and we welcome speculative applications from individuals.

Player Research are seeking:

Mid-Weight and Senior Games User Researchers  – Applications close 22nd Jan 2016

• Speculative applications for Video Games Service Sales, Video Games Business Development, and individuals seeking paid Games User Experience Internships

Why Work at Player Research?


Player Research are the world’s leading independent video games UX studio, located in the heart of Brighton UK, providing award-winning user research and playtesting services to the video games industry across Europe and North America. In the last 4 years we’ve worked with hundreds of development studios; improving game usability and user experience through playtesting and user research, impacting more than 600,000,000 players globally.

We provide independent playtesting and user research services at all stages of game development; from wireframe and competitor analysis on early designs, through paper prototype, interaction analysis, collaborative tutorial and wireframe design, full-game playthroughs, playtesting, eye-tracking and biometrics, early experience and multiplayer playtesting, engagement diaries … the list goes on.

Our reach spans triple-A blockbuster titles like Sniper Elite 3, DMC: Devil May Cry, and Remember Me, to mobile chart-toppers like Hungry Shark and CSR Racing, and ground-breaking gaming experiences like the Sony WonderBook and the GameStick.


Here are a few more reasons to make Player Research your next career step:

1. Explore the breadth of our services - We bring user research services to all stages of the game development lifecycle; from pre-code research to design, production, and even beyond into post-release. No two of our projects are ever alike, so be prepared for variety.

2. Meet our wide range of clients – Our developer partners range from large AAA teams to one-man indies, and everything in between.

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3. Be the trusted external voice – Our clients trust and listen – they’re motivated to learn as much as they can from us, and you. They listen, they care, and they meaningfully react to our feedback to make better games.

4. Variety of projects – We encounter a huge variety of projects, we never get bored, as each new project offers a new challenge. Last year we got to work on 40+ games.

5. Trial new methods and processes – Player Research is a small and agile studio, so if you have a great idea for a new method or a change to our processes, we’ll make the change that day. No red tape, no fear, no resting on our laurels.


6. Lead the growth of a company - Player Research is a small but impactful company, but we’re very busy and growing fast. Join in and help us grow the right way. Everything from the services we offer, the clients we work with, the research we run, and so much more, can be influenced by you.

7. Independence - We are independent, we can (and often do) work with a wide variety of studios.

8. Increase your eminence - Want to write an article? Write. Want to talk at a conference? Talk. Want to run a conference, do it. We already have a monthly GI.biz column, regular features in Gamasutra, have spoken at nearly every major games conference in the world including GDC US, EU and China, have run 2 conferences, LANparties, conference booths … and much more.

PRcuttingedge9. Enjoy our state-of-the-art labs - We’ve just completed building our bespoke playtesting and research facilities. Cutting-edge and comfortable, our observation rooms will host entire development teams, allowing you to do the best work possible.

10. Be part of the team - We’re a small and happy bunch. Take your pick from our game library, join us on a game night (video and/or board!), or even play over lunch (deadline permitting!).

11. Oh we do love to be beside the seaside – Brighton is famous for its relaxed bohemian atmosphere – great food, lovely weather, and a thriving local tech scene. Come and visit us, spend the day in Brighton and see why we’re on ‘Silicon Beach’

Available Positions:

Player Research are hiring:

• Mid-Weight and Senior Games User Researchers  - Applications close 22nd Jan 2016

• Speculative applications for Video Games Service Sales, Video Games Business Development, and individuals seeking paid Games User Experience Internships