Player Research are the world’s leading video games UX studio, proudly pioneering user research and playtesting services for the international video games industry. For 5 years we’ve brought playtesting and game UX evaluations to the gamedev masses, including multi-million selling triple-A blockbusters like FIFA 17,  and mobile chart-toppers like Hungry Shark and Talking Tom Gold Rush. We’ve worked with nearly every major video game company on the planet to improve player experience through usability testing, playtesting and research, totalling over one billion game sales and downloads.

Now, thanks to our partnership with Keywords Studios, global leaders in games services, we’re ready to take on new and exciting challenges with global expansion and a larger clientbase, and we’d like you along for the journey.

We are seeking full-time Junior and Mid-weight Games User Researchers to join our Brighton, UK-based team. Click here for the full role description.

We’re also seeking speculative applications for Senior, Mid-weight and Junior Games User Researchers from North America/Canada and Asia Pacific regions, further to our growth into those markets in 2017 and 2018. Please contact us directly and in confidence via hiring@playerresearch.com for more information, or to register your interest.

Why Work at Player Research?

From our HQ in Brighton on the UK south coast we’ve built an award-winning user research and playtesting company, working with companies all over the globe.

Our reach spans games – triple-A blockbuster titles, to mobile chart-toppers – and ground-breaking gaming hardware and experiences.


Here are a few more reasons to make Player Research your next career step:

1. Explore the breadth of our services - We offer user research services at every stage of the game development lifecycle; from wireframe and competitor analysis on early designs, through paper prototype, interaction analysis, collaborative tutorial and wireframe design, full-game playthroughs, playtesting, eye-tracking and biometrics, early experience and multiplayer playtesting, engagement diaries… No two of our projects are ever alike, offering unparalleled research variety.

2. Meet our wide range of clients – Our developer partners range from large triple-A teams to one-man indies, and everything in between. Our relationships with game incubators like Microsoft Greenshoots and Sweden Game Arena means we’re also able to pioneer games user research with the smallest and most passionate of game teams.

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3. Be the trusted external voice – Our clients trust, listen, and are motivated to learn as much as they can from us, and therefore you. They care passionately about improving their games through UX research, and meaningfully react to our UX feedback. We’re sought out by the teams that want to make incredible games.

4. Variety of projects – We encounter a huge number of different of projects. We’re extremely developer-centric, striving to answer their difficult questions. With each project offering a new challenge and working on 40 games a year each, we’re never short of inspiration.

5. Design new methods and processes – Player Research is an agile studio, so if you have a great idea for a new method or a change to our processes, we’ll make the change that day. No red tape, no fear, no resting on our laurels.


6. Lead the growth of a company - Player Research is already an impactful company, but we’re very busy and growing fast. We’re just about to kickstart a new wave of growth – new locations, new markets, new specialisations. Join and help us grow the right way. Everything from the services we offer, the clients we work with, the research we run, and so much more, can be influenced by you.

7. Independence - By being an independent studio unattached from any single developer or publisher Player Research are in a unique position to explore and collaborate with the true spectrum of game development.

8. Increase your eminence - Want to write an article? Write. Want to talk at a conference? Talk. Want to run a conference? Run one. We have regular features in Gamasutra and GI.biz, and have spoken at nearly every major games conference in the world including GDC in the USA, EU and China, have run 3 conferences, LAN parties, conference booths, student talks … and much more.


9. Utilise our state-of-the-art labs - We are justifiably proud of our bespoke playtesting and research facilities. Cutting-edge and comfortable, our observation rooms will host entire development teams, allowing you to do the best work possible.

10. Be part of the team - We’re a happy bunch. Borrow from our game library, join us on a game night (video and/or board!), or spend your lunchtime in VR.

11. ♬ Oh we do love to be beside the seaside  – Brighton is famous for its relaxed bohemian atmosphere – great food, lovely weather, and a thriving local tech scene. Oh, and we have a beach!

Available Positions:

Junior and Mid-weight Games User Researcher (Brighton)Applications close Midnight 22nd Jan 2017

• Speculative applications for Senior, Mid-weight and Junior Games User Researchers from the United States, Canada and Asia Pacific regions. Please contact us in confidence.