Player Research can work with you through the entire product lifecycle of a game – from concept to launch.


Aid the creation of a game’s conceptualisation process by building on our detailed understanding of what makes amazing experiences. Understand your target audience’s experiences, play habits and frustrations in order to design a game that will meet and exceed their expectations.

Competitor Analysis

Full evaluation of 2 to 3 of your competitor titles, what in their games follows UX best practices and what can be improved upon, from a Usability, Understanding and User Experience perspective

Concept Testing

Large-scale research focussed on understanding audience reactions to game concepts. Provides opinion summaries, ratings and insight into players’ first impressions of game themes, art styles and gameplay


Getting design right first time. Working collaboratively to ensure the best possible player experience – avoid mistakes, build on the best.

Collaborative Design

We work collaboratively with your designers on-site to assess UI flow, controls and menu designs, tutorial content and in-game feedback – avoiding errors, refining the player experience and iterating rapidly toward your design intent

UX Expert Evaluation

Full evaluation of your game UI and FTUE against our 4 key layers – Understanding, Usability, Player Experience, and Monetisation. Reports are concise, detailed, actionable and supported by our own understanding and expertise.



Find real issues experienced by real players, and use our knowledge to help you understand and fix them. Our playtesting premises are second-to-none.


We recruit real players representative of your target audience and analyse them playing your game with focus on the UI usability and understandability of the game mechanics

Large Scale Playtest

We recruit a large number of players to play your game and give feedback. Providing insight into how players perceive your game and allowing you to test with variations in the target audience

Playtesting “In The Wild” (Ethnographic Research)

Visiting players’ homes to see your game played in a more natural environment. Particularly recommended for games that have an ‘unboxing’ experience or that rely on camera or microphone input


We can employ eye-tracking and other biometric methods to get closer to understanding the player experience


Supporting your game launch to ensure ongoing engagement, understand and diagnose the issues that your game metrics may highlight.

Analytics Driven Playtest

Bring a player experience perspective to the analytics produced during  beta and soft launches. Understand and solve the issues identified. Make sure efficient, significant and valid changes are being made to your game during this crucial time

Engagement Diaries

To understand how players live with your game over a longer period of time, we recruit players in your target audience and ask them to complete a digital diary each time they play your game


We regularly answer specific research questions for the games industry. Recent projects included:

“How can we ensure we make better, more usable games for all our projects, and measure the success of the process?”

“How can we make more accessible, more inclusive games for all audiences, including children with impairments?”

“Where does the fun come from in this game genre? What opportunities are there for a rival title?”

We produce reliable and practical research documentation, designed to be used at the coal face.


Use the links below to contact us – we welcome studios of all sizes, from AAA to indie. For more information about our client list and our team, head home, or to the blog.