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We do games user research. Delivering actionable insights into usability, UX, appeal and play, so that you can focus on the game.

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The benefits of working with Player Research

Player Research is the premier games user research partner, enabling gamedev to gain meaningful insight from real players across the world.

We contribute to games of all genres, platforms, and audiences, leveraging our expertise in player experience and research methodology toward the development of truly successful games.

In-the-lab, at-home, expert-only. We create and deliver bespoke methods to get the player insights you need.

Realise your vision

Understand the player experience and hone it to your vision

Gain creative confidence

Advance your design, securing your strengths and eliminating obstacles

Drive dev forwards

Grow in confidence and reduce risk through player insight and smart iteration

“Player Research has become an integral part of our beta game evaluation process. The cooperation allows us to significantly speed up the optimisation process, thus reducing the time to market.”

Marco Busse . European Games Group AG

Who we work with

CD Project Red
Square Enix
bE Haviour
505 Games
Bandai Namco
Paradox Interactive
Good Shepherd Entertainment
Curve Digital
Dontnod Entertainment
Games Group

A team of experts

From human-computer interaction to applied cognitive psychology, our team are qualified experts in user research.

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