Biometrics: The Science of Play

Player Research’s use of biometrics caught the eye of, who penned a write up of the future of biometrics in game evaluation, including our process and vision of the future of biometrics.

We utilise biometrics to fine-tune our interviewing process, and identify moments of gameplay in which the player’s physiological state changes inexplicably. By focusing on the second-by-second psychophysiology of the player, in conjunction with our other methods, we can get closer to understanding and improving the player experience.

Read the article in full on Games Industry International.



Announcing the Made in Brighton: Games Gone Global Conference

Player Research are proud to announce the Made in Brighton: Games Gone Global conference, to be held September 6th 2012.

Made in Brighton: Games Gone Global brings together Brighton’s game development community to learn from, and be inspired by, our own home-grown talent. This one-day conference for professional or amateur members of the game development scene hosts talks covering game design, production, business and more. Held in the beautiful Brighton Ballroom, Made in Brighton: Games Gone Global aims to candidly explore the lessons learned from developing games for the international market and beyond, built right here in our city.

The conference is supported by Player Researcher Seb Long (conference coordinator), in collaboration with Made in Brighton and FuturLab.

Read more about the conference at the Brighton Digital Festival schedule.