Seb Long in Develop’s ’30 Under 30′

Player Researcher Seb Long has been awarded Develop Magazine’s prestigious ’30 Under 30′ for 2014

Develop has selected gifted programmers, entrepreneurial leaders and indie stars for this year’s round-up of the best and the brightest young game development talent.

Approaching his two-year anniversary as a user researcher at Player Research, Sebastian Long, 27, has positively impacted more than 50 titles across all platforms. And his peers say he is a talented and professional researcher. Long evaluates behaviour and emotion via playtesting, user research and player interviews.

To read more about the award, and see the full list of developers, read the article in full at Develop Online.



Eye-tracking + GSR: Demoing Our Technical Setup

Getting closer to the player experience sometimes means going beyond simply asking the player ‘how did you feel?’. At Player Research we’re already using tools like eye-tracking and biometrics in order to ‘shrink the uncertainty space’ around players’ experiences – allowing us to ask better, more revealing questions, and get deeper insight into the player experience.

Researcher Dr Ben Lewis-Evans agreed to stream a little gameplay of DOTA 2 and Amnesia: Dark Descent using our real-time eye-tracking and biometric setup, and share a little of his knowledge on the value of each during play.

Our setup is non-intrusive, low maintenance, and performed in real-time, allowing researchers to follow-up straight away with questions about moments highlighted by the technology.

You can watch the videos below.