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How Pokémon Go Fails to Capture Learnability

The gaming press is unsurprisingly alight with comment on Pokémon Go, but interestingly also with huge numbers of guides and articles on how to actually play the game. Why does this big-budget mobile game need propping-up from how-to guides by the BBCWIREDTrustedReviewsThe GuardianVOXPolygon,RedditorsYoutubers, and many more? This article highlights a number of points where Niantic have broken or ignored many UX design principles for designing a game that is easy to learn and understand, that ultimately could be affecting Pokémon Go’s player experience.

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Player Research at Dorothy Stringer High School


We were pleased and excited to be invited by Geeta Smedley to come and talk yesterday to pupils at Dorothy Stringer High School about our work. It’s all, part of an initiative by STEM Sussex to raise awareness of the different careers available to children studying Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.

We love telling people about our work so we told the kids all about Games User Research, the games industry in the UK and why those subjects are so important to us. We hope we’ve made some kids more aware of the possibilities out there after school using the STEM subjects as a base for your career.

We’d be happy to spread the word further, so if there are any other schools in the Brighton and Hove area looking for STEM career talks, feel free to get in contact!


Player Research at Brighton University

At the invite of Dr Lyn Pemberton, Player Researcher Ben Lewis-Evans presented a talk on Games User Research methodology to third year and masters students at the University of Brighton today. The talk covered general tips related to Games User Research as well as a run through of various methodologies such as surveys, interviewing, observation, and game metrics. Ben will return to the University in May to give a talk on Biometrics in Games User Research.