Keywords Studios acquires Player Research

A note from Graham McAllister, Player Research Founder.

“I’m proud to announce that Player Research has joined the Keywords Studios Group, global leaders in video games services.

Founded in January 2012, Player Research has provided User Experience Research and Playtesting Services to hundreds of leading games and many wonderful clients, assisting them in optimising their games during the development phases and in live operation. We’ve been thrilled to receive numerous awards and recognition for our work.

Ever since I started the company, I’ve had very ambitious plans for Player Research. This included expanding into different regions throughout the world and growing our ability to offer services to more and more clients and games. Keywords are the perfect partner to help accelerate that ambition, the expertise, global locations and know-how allows us to not only meet our original goals for the company, but to go well beyond.

For our clients, nothing is changing. We’ll simply be enhancing our understanding of players to a worldwide scale adding cultural specificities to our proven methodologies. We’ll still be working with the same breadth of developers across all genres, platforms, and business models as before. Myself and the Player Research team are very much looking forward to helping make your game become globally successful.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me directly.”

Graham McAllister
Founder and Director, Player Research