Player Research at Unite 2015 Europe

Unite Europe is coming! The event, hosted at Westergasfabriek June 24-25, boasts an impressive line up of industry expertise and offers attendees the opportunity to learn of upcoming features and improvements in Unity.

Player Research Director Graham McAllister will be in attendance and delivering a talk on Friday 25 June from 17:30 – 18:30 entitled Assessing The Gameplay Experience: A Player Perspective. A brief description of what Graham will be discussing can be found below. Head over to the Unite 2015 Europe website for full details and running order.

Assessing The Gameplay Experience: A Player Perspective

Being able to perceive your own game as a new player during development would be highly advantageous, yet it’s very difficult to achieve. As developers live with their game for many months or even years, it’s all too easy to stop seeing issues which may cause new players confusion or frustration, and these may not be detected until later in development, or sometimes not at all. This talk presents a toolkit which developers can use during development to more objectively assess their own game. The toolkit structures any game into four layers – understanding, usability, player experience, and monetisation, with each layer detailing specific questions which help assess the game from the player’s perspective. It is the intention of the toolkit to help developers see their game as a new player would, catch unintended issues early in development, and result in games with a better player experience. The full player experience toolkit will be presented along with examples from real games.