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Player Research Games of the Year 2015

It is games of the year time again, and once again the Player Research staff is sharing the games that they have enjoyed playing the most this year. There are more of us this year, but still not enough to be statistically meaningful. So we are not tallying up votes, but as with last year simply presenting each Player Research staff members personal and subjective picks in their own words [Editor: And my commentary]. Continue Reading..


Player Research’s Games of the Year 2014

It is the end of the year and time to reflect on another great year in games. It has been a fantastic year at Player Research, so for the last blog post of the year we thought it would be fun if we would post our (the team’s) games of the year.

Each team member’s individual top five games are presented below. But, I am sure the question is which game came out on top?

Continue Reading..