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Graham at the BBC Fusion Summit

Player Research Founder Graham McAllister spoke at the BBC Fusion Summit this week, following a research project developing best practice guidelines for usable game design. You can read his talk outline on the Fusion Summit website.


Dr Ben Lewis-Evans on Dopamine and Games at #LEGup

Player Researcher Ben Lewis-Evans shares his expertise on the role of dopamine in video games at #LEGup – the London Educational Games Meetup Group. You can see Ben’s slides on SlideShare.


Player Research: Develop 100 European Startups 2013

Player Research have been ranked in the ‘Top 100 European Startups 2013’ by Develop Online.

Read the list in full, for free, at Develop Online’s YUDU.


User Research for Indie Games: Playtesting on Morphopolis

We know first-hand the financial pressure that small teams can be under. Despite the challenges, we’ve assisted many small studios in achieving their design vision, helping them produce chart-topping and award-winning games. Recently one such studio, two-person team Micro Macro Games, put the value of playtesting and user research to the test on Morphopolis: a fantastical 2D hidden object and puzzle indie game recently released on mobile and desktop…

Read our article on playtesting for Morphopolis on Gamasutra.


The Key to F2P Success: Know Your Player

Too many developers assume the fault of a game with poor monetisation rates lays squarely at the door of the title’s business model.

In reality, however, players may not be spending during play because of the game itself – a game they don’t understand, can’t use, and consistently delivers a poor experience in play.

PocketGamer cover our thoughts on F2P business models and player experience.



Monetisation is ‘Inseparable From The Player Experience’

Following Player Research Founder Graham’s talk at the Free-to-Play conference, Develop Online provides coverage of one of our core messages: monetisation cannot be achieved without a focus on the player experience, player understanding and game usability.

Read the article in full at Develop Online.


What is Playtesting And Why Do Devs Screw It Up?

“Not to be confused with publisher surveys or focus-group polling, user-research is a growing trend in the games industry. It’s a way for developers to craft smarter, more enjoyable titles based on raw data at an early stage, rather than relying on pure guesswork and assumptions.”

VG247 talks to Player Research about the much-misunderstood world of playtesting and user research.

“The purpose of playtesting is to help the designer make the game that’s inside their head,” McAllister explained. “So they have this great vision, and one of the problems is they’re too close to it, because after month or years on a game you start to not see some of the core issues because you’ve learned them.

Read the article in full at VG247.


PocketGamer Mobile Mixer: Develop 2013

Player Researcher Seb Long joined the panel at the PocketGamer Mobile Mixer at Develop, alongside Unity’s Anthony Douglas, Remode’s Ella Romanos, consultants Gina Jackson and John Ozimek, and Applifier’s Oscar Clark. For full coverage of the event, read the article in full at PocketGamer.


“Player Reseach: Brighton Hot Startup” – Mashable

“Walk along the promenade in the autumn. Flocks of starlings fly around the dilapidated West Pier. Hunker down with a pint of beer into a window seat at the seafront Fortune of War pub, and wait for a wash of melancholy to suffuse into your soul.”

Mashable list Player Research among Brighton’s hottest startup companies. You can read the full list at Mashable.


Player Research: Develop Award Nominee 2013

Player Research are honoured to have been nominated for a Develop Industry Award for Industry Excellence in Services. We’re the first playtesting studio to ever be nominated for an industry award, and are humbled to be included alongside industry mainstays including Pinewood Studios, Quantic Dream and Audiomotion.

You can read the full list of finalists at Develop Online.