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Beyond Playtesting with Player Research

Player Researcher Seb Long has been touring various events promoting the use of playtesting and user research in game development. You can find his full slidedeck on SlideShare.


Player Reseach and Testronic Partner

Quality Assurance group Testronic is to open a new user experience lab at its California headquarters. The new lab, which is support by UX firm Player Research, will feature a combination of biometrics, subject qualifications and “multi-pronged interviews”, and will interact with Testronic’s existing end-to-end game testing ecosystem.

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The Profit of Putting the Player First

In an exclusive interview for PocketGamer, Player Research Founder Graham McAllister outlines our role in game development, and the value of putting the player first.

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EDGE Column: The Challenges of the WiiU GamePad

Wii U’s launch line-up shows just how much of a challenge the GamePad poses to game designers. Graham’s EDGE column considers why this is, and what can be done.

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EDGE Column: What Does Google’s Latest Game Report Tell Us About Players?

Google’s latest whitepaper reveals reveal what’s most important to potential buyers over the course of the entire lifecycle of a game… What can be learned?

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EDGE Column: The Four Essential Steps to Successful Monetisation of Free-to-Play Games

Graham’s EDGE user research column outlines our 4-stage model for assessing and categorising the player experience, and asks if you’re doing enough service to the foundations of monetisation?

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Settling the Stores: The PlayStation Store Makeover

The PlayStation store has been revamped, but what was wrong with the old one? Eurogamer came to us to find out, and see if the new design fared any better…

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EDGE Column: the Skills Behind User Research

Graham’s EDGE user research column breaks down the title, role and skills of a Games User Researcher, and some of them might surprise you…

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Seb on the ‘Words On Play’ Podcast

Player Researcher Seb Long joined Fat Pebble co-founder Mike Movel on the Words On Play podcast, hosted by Rob Sienkiewicz and Rowen Holt, the co-founders of Second Impact Games.

What do micro-studios miss the most by having so few people? How important is the user experience side of development? And do developers have a responsibility to innovate in their games?

Listen to the podcast in full on Games Industry International.


Made in Brighton: Games Gone Global Goes FREE

Made in Brighton: Games Gone Global – Brighton’s own local games conference – has received generous support from NaturalMotion Games, allowing all tickets to be FREE!

Full coverage via Games Industry International.