What we do

We want the world to experience brilliant games; ones full of adventure, surprise and intrigue – the ones you can’t put down, and those you talk about for days. Across the world, we partner with developers and publishers to realise their creative visions by providing meaningful insight into how real players experience play.

The right research at the right time

We work with you and your schedules to ensure we’re doing the right research at the right time.

Insight to action

We help you get from insight to action quickly with prioritised findings.

Understand real players

Understand how real players experience your game using our growing playtester database.

Our process document

“Their meticulous, fact-based approach to the science of user testing is driven by an impressive academic background, and results in the most accurate player observation and behaviour interpretation I have ever seen”

Jean-Maxime Moris, DONTNOD Entertainment

When (and how) we can
get involved

We partner with you throughout the dev process to generate and deliver the player insights you need.


Validate your concepts and inspire your early design process by building upon our detailed understanding of what makes amazing experiences. Understand trends in your target audience’s experiences, play habits and frustrations, and extract the learnings from competitors’ UX, in order to design a game that builds on the best.

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Find real issues experienced by real players in your design, UI, narrative, and beyond, then use our know-how to help understand and address them. Our labs are second-to-none for user testing of all kinds, including PC, console, mobile, and VR.

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Supporting your game after launch to ensure ongoing engagement. Upgrade your analytics and add meaning to your live-ops data to diagnose and act on issues your players are facing.

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UX Strategy & Training

Robust insights to inform your long term strategy. Our consultancy and training can level-up your approach to player-centric development.

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