How we get involved

Find real issues experienced by real players in design, UI, narrative, and beyond, then use our knowledge to help you understand and address them. Our playtesting premises are second-to-none for testing of all kinds, including PC, console, mobile, and VR.

Experiential Playtesting

Use our large lab facilities to get quantitatively meaningful sample sizes, allowing us to address your questions about players’ attitudes, opinions, and emotions.

Usability Playtesting

Observe player behaviour in detail, with a focus on usability, learnability and understandability.

Usability Expert Analysis

Our experienced researchers employ their knowledge of game usability and psychology to identify issues that are likely to impact players.

Narrative Testing

Detailed exploration of understand and engage with storylines in narrative-driven games. Our approaches allow rich feedback using very early assets, including narrative from scripts, storyboards, and pre-vis cutscenes.

“Player Research has always provided Paradox solid, grounded research. They have been flexible, accurate, quick to understand our games, all while giving good suggestions and producing useful visualizations – making them a valued partner.”

Henrik Edlund . Paradox Interactive

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