Who are Player Research?

Player Research does playtesting for the games industry to help developers improve their games.

We invite people to playtest sessions at one of our locations (Brighton, UK or Montréal, Canada) to give feedback on unreleased and unfinished video games.

Where is Player Research Located?

Our Brighton, UK lab is located close to Brighton Train Station, at 2nd Floor Claremont House, 95 Queens Road, Brighton, BN3 5LY.

Our Montréal, Canada lab is located in the Pointe-St-Charles area at 1751 Richardson, Suite 7112, H3K1G6. The nearest metro station is Charlevoix (Green line).

Please note that you must be within travelling distance of one of these locations to take part in playtests at our labs.

How long is a playtest?

A playtest session typically lasts 1-2 hours, but sometimes it might run for a full day or even be spread across multiple days.

When do playtests happen?

Normally, playtests are held during the day Monday to Friday, but we occasionally also run sessions at weekends.

What does it mean to 'playtest' a game?

Games take a long time to make, so developers need feedback on what works well and what could be improved. Player Research ask people to try unfinished, unreleased games in order to get your highly valued feedback.

What type of person are we looking for?

We are looking for players of all ages, genders, experiences, backgrounds, and abilities (including parents & children).

You don’t need to be a pro-gamer, or even a regular gamer – we need people from all backgrounds to help us test all kinds of games.

Can children participate?

Yes! You will need to sign up on their behalf to receive information and apply to playtests.

In the UK, this applies to ages 15 and below. In Quebec, this applies to ages 14 and below.

If invited to playtest, you will need to accompany your child and remain in the building for the duration of the session.

Please make us aware of any specific needs your child has when applying to the individual sessions, so we can be super-prepared to make their session as comfortable and enjoyable as we can.

How much am I paid for playtesting?

We typically pay around £30 GBP or $50 CAD for an hour-long session (please note, this is NOT an hourly rate!) and we pay more for longer sessions.

Is this a job?

No. Playtest sessions are organised on an ad hoc basis, and we don’t employ people to playtest full time.

However, you will get cash compensation for any playtests you take part in!

Can I test games from home or do you have an office in my country?

We currently have offices in Brighton, UK and Montreal, Canada – if you’re selected for a playtest, you will be required to come to our office. Unfortunately we don’t have any offices outside of these local areas at this time or any options to playtest from your own home.

How do I sign up to playtest?

You can sign up to our email database by clicking one of the links below. After completing the form, you will on our database and we’ll send you occasional emails inviting you to apply when we have a playtest coming soon. If you think you would fit the profile and be available for the session dates, feel free to apply!

Montreal? Sign up here!
Brighton? Sign up here!

How frequently will I get to playtest?

We normally hold 1-2 playtests per month. You could be selected to take part up to once every few months if you apply often.

Playtest sessions are one-off occasions, usually for 1-2 hours on a single day (although sometimes we do longer tests). We can’t guarantee you’ll be selected to playtest.

I signed up but haven't received any emails about playtests!

We’ll email you inviting you to apply for playtests if we think you might be suitable. This depends on what kinds of games we’re playtesting, and therefore might not happen very frequently.

Also, check your junk mail just in case our emails are being filtered out!

Will play testing get me into the video games industry?

Playtesting games with us will not necessarily help you get a job in the games industry. However, if you’re interested in working this area of the games industry, please consult the following resources [LINK TO JUNIOR RESOURCES]

Will you share my details with anyone else?

We never share your details with anyone else, and you’re free to unsubscribe from our database at any time.

FAQs for parents/guardians

Do I need to accompany my child to the playtest?

Yes, we will ask you to sign a non-disclosure agreement on your child’s behalf and remain in the building for the duration of the session.

In the UK, this applies to ages 15 and below. In Quebec, this applies to ages 14 and below.

Am I allowed to watch the playtest while my child is playtesting?

Yes, you are allowed to be in the room during the playtest if you would like.

You might be asked to do your best not to interact with your child or the researcher during the session! Get in touch if you have further questions.

If my child playtests once, will I still recieve invitations to apply for them to take part in other playtests?

Yes, you will continue to receive invitations to apply on behalf of your child.