Player Research’s team are passionate evangelists of applying player data to gamedev. Our processes and frameworks are applied by development teams globally, captured through our talks, articles and training courses.

Learn more from our expert team on research strategy, methods, careers in games user research, and more.

Using Player Data

Essential articles on how – and when – to strategically deploy player research in your development process.

Careers in Research

Love games and brains? Becoming a games user researcher is a rare but rewarding career path.

Learn more about the domain on the Games User Research & UX IGDA group.

Essential reading starts here, alongside the Games User Research book, and How to Become A Games User Researcher.

Research Approaches

There are so many different methods to getting player data.

Surveys, observation, telemetry, eye tracking…

We’ve captured some thoughts on how to execute all these different methods in an unbiased, repeatable way.

User Experience Design

How do we avoid overloading players with choice?

What makes a great radial menu?

Articles and learnings on user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design in video games.


Designing games with our disabled players in mind.

As part of our efforts to advance accessibility industry-wide, we’re sharing our tips, tricks and theories on inclusive design.