Be Playtest Ready

Please read this entire page

Secure your place

Use the secure your place link in your invitation email. You must submit your photo ID, your proof of address, sign your non-disclosure agreement, and complete a readiness check before you arrive.

Face covering

Bring a face covering or fabric mask. You’ll need one for public transport and during the playtesting session. We’ll provide you an extra disposable mask as you arrive.


We’re not providing disposable cups, so please bring a strong water bottle or your own drinks (hot or cold) in a secure, sealable bottle.

Something warmer

Bring a jumper or shawl. We will be keeping the windows open during sessions, so bring along something in case you get chilly.

Invitation Email

Bring your invitation email on your phone or printed out. It has important information and your exact time of arrival.

Rule of Six

Our playtesters and our staff are workers attending a COVID secure location, and so are exempt from the rule of six.

Travel light

Keep personal belongings to a minimum. You’ll have your own small locker, but please don’t bring anything large, e.g. a bike, a skateboard, or luggage.


Keep scrolling to read this entire page. It has a list of new safety procedures, so you’ll know when to arrive, and what to expect.

Before the playtest:

If you, or someone you live with, are instructed to self-isolate or develop any symptoms: you must not attend the playtest and need to inform us immediately.

After the playtesting is over:

If you develop symptoms or receive a positive COVID-19 test within 21 days: you need to inform us immediately.

Some new safety measures

Even if you've playtested with Player Research before, we've added a few new steps you must follow:

Please arrive on time, at your allocated time slot.

If you’re going to be late or can’t attend, please call and let us know.

Maintain social distancing. Use our markings on the floor and your common sense to maintain 2 meters apart, wherever you can.

Your invitation email will say how many staff and other playtesters will be at each playtest. It’s 50% fewer than our normal capacity, to permit social distancing at all times.

Wear a face covering while you’re in the building.

Visit the washrooms to wash your hands immediately as you arrive.

We may perform a touch-less temperature check on your forehead as you arrive. If it’s 38°C or above, you will not be allowed to participate.

Our toilets, stairwells and elevators have limited capacity, so you might have to be extra patient.

We are providing rewards using cashless payments during this period. After the playtest, check your PayPal account.

Our staff are available throughout each session if you have any questions.

We’ve done everything we can to make these playtests safe and enjoyable for you.

You’re attending our playtests at our invitation. During the sessions we expect you to comply with these safety measures, and any instructions from our staff.

If we feel you’re putting our guests or staff at risk through non-compliance, you will be asked to leave without payment.

That’s everything – you’re ready!

We’ll see you soon!


– The Player Research team