Research Assistant Application

Player Research occasionally require temporary staff work alongside our Researchers, and help our playtests run smoothly.

We have a small group of Research Assistants for occasional part-time work, helping us with things like:

  • Assisting with the practicalities of setting up playtests with groups of up to 24 people at a time.
  • Helping to manage groups of players and ensuring they are stopped to complete surveys at specific time points.
  • Live note-taking on player interviews and/or in-game behaviour.

We normally contact Research Assistants about 1-to-3 weeks in advance of a playtest to ask for their availability. It usually involves around 2-to-3 days of paid work, alongside our Researchers.

Being a Research Assistant is a great first-step for people who would like to pursue a career in user experience research, particularly in the games industry.

We’re looking for people who care about games – ideally with an interest in games user research. It’s a bonus if you can show you’re interested in things like human-computer interaction, psychology, anthropology, game design or product design.

You must have an existing right to work in the United Kingdom (to work with our Brighton team) or Canada (to work with our Montreal team).


Please complete the sign-up form below, and we’ll be in touch.