How we get involved

Aid your game’s concept and early design process by building upon our detailed understanding of what makes amazing experiences. Understand trends in your target audience’s experiences, play habits and frustrations, and extract the learnings from competitors’ UX, in order to design a game that builds on the best.

Competitor Analysis

Breakdown and analyses of your competitor titles, detailing their best practices in UX, opportunities and common failures, all from our Usability, Understanding and User Experience perspective.

Concept Testing

In-depth research focussed on understanding reactions to concept and character art, and understanding players’ relationships with existing games. Provides opinion summaries, ratings and insight into players’ first impressions of themes, art styles and/or prototype gameplay.

Core Mechanic Testing

Targeted lab research to understand how people engage with specific mechanics, controls, and interactions to ensure your game is built on strong foundations.

“A great experience working with Player Research from early in our project. In the current climate it’s refreshing to have a group of experts so focused on helping to unlock the core usability and fun of a game above everything else.”

Jonathan Alpine . Hutch Games

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